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Here at Evaluates2 we offer strategic guidance in bringing new products to life that combines a unique and efficient approach to product management with software consulting service focused on excellence of code and product.

test, pair, ship.



Staff Augmentation
Top Engineering Talent
Technical Audits

Excellence in Code

At Evaluates2, we focus on excellence in code. As such we focus on the following values on all projects we work on.
- Test Driven Development
- Continuous Integration
- Staging and Production Environments
- Dependency Management and Clean Code

Product Management

Resource Efficiency
Process Improvements
Project Management

Workflows & Story Prioritization

Successful development starts with effective product management. Align your team and get successful project results with Def Method Product Management. Our PMs will work with your team to find the process that works best for you. They will manage communication and make sure the team stays focused on delivering your goals.

Startup MVP Development

Design Sprint
MVP Build
Maintenance Mode

Building The First Iteration of Your Product

Are you on the first stage of your project and are looking for a technical team to help bring your vision to life? Well, then, you've come to the right place! At Evaluates2 we have a process in place that makes building an MVP seamless, tested, and scalable. As founders, we know what it's like building a company and look forward to partnering with you to build yours!

Data & Analytics

Smart Data Storage
Informed Decisions

Learn More About Your Business & Users

Deploying a new project for the first time is an exciting event, and it's especially exciting for data scientists because having real users means we'll be collecting real data! Building and deploying software without keeping tabs on the data is like shooting a rocket into out space and then just turning off the transmission feeds between it and ground control! Evaluates2 data engineers can help establish practices for funneling data to different places for different purposes, develop and determine the most useful visualizations for a given data set, and help management make informed decisions based on statisical evidence rather than biases and gut feelings.


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