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Success Stories

A few of the previous projecs we've succesfully launched.

The Triple Gainers

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The "Triple Gainers" is a daily email sent out on weekdays at 5:30pm EST that analyzes all of the US large cap stocks and displays them in a nice html table with relevant percentages and calculations.

  • Implemented as series of cron-scheduled NodeJS microservices that scrape stock information, crunch numbers, sift through large arrays, and send html emails.
  • Utilizes MongoDB for data storage with an efficient "dataframe-like" structure for scraped data.
  • Leverages Sengrid for managing the sending of emails, subscription web form, and unsubscribe options pages.

Social Engagement Serverless Functions


This is a parameterized NodeJS script that runs every few minutes on a cron schedule. It takes keywords, searches for recent twees containing those keywords, and automatically likes the tweet, retweets the tweet, and follows the user who posted it (all configurable via command line flags).

  • Runs via cron-jobs every few minutes on the small Digital Ocean ubuntu server.
  • Has aquired thousands of likes & followers for @JimLynchCodes and other private client accounts.
  • Many iterations including versions for AWS Lambda written in once Es6 JavaScript and again later with ClojureScript.

The JimLynchCodes Blog


This is a CMS-based blog site where Jim posts his musings and experiences related to coding, software development, and random life lessons.

  • A public place on the web for others to see what Jim's into at any given time, learn about key things he has figured out, and engage with him by leaving comments and questions.
  • Over 200 posts by Jim from as far back as 2015.
  • Easy to maintain and deploy website with a fun, interactive CMS editor.

This Website!


The core of this website is a modern, fuctinonal React.js frontend. The contact form uses an AWS Lambda function and was the first ever live deployed instance of our "E2-Super-Contact-Form!" project.

  • Clean, modern React.js Frontend with Jest and Cucumber+Cypress testing.
  • AWS Lambda + MongoDB backend for contact form that includes field validation, recaptcha human validation, inserting data into mongoDb, and notifying admins of form submissions.
  • Responive design leveraging flexbox, grid-css, media queries, and more responsive design tricks for great UI across desktops, tablets, and phones!

Open Source

Evaluates2 engineers are not only great contractors; we are also contributors back to the open source community!

Titanium Lambda


Titanium Lambda is more of a philosophical way of develop REST apis that runs on serverless technology and is border-line bulletproof because of great automated test coverage.

  • Massive README with information, images, lessons, and useful tools.
  • Based on real world experience developing and managing applications with fully serverless backends with high traffic.
  • Barebones NodesJS serverless boilerplate code.

Gatsby Starter TypeScript Redux TDD BDD


In early 2020 we released this exciting open-source project, an awesome Gatsby starter template that takes care of the tooling setup, allowing you and your team to dive right into building ultra-fast React applications quickly and deploy them with confidence!

  • Already setup with Jest for TDD unit testing and Cypress + Cucumber.js for BDD end-to-end testing.
  • Has TypeScript preconfigured and Redux with configurable localstorage syncing of slices of state pre-installed.
  • Excellent choice for building performant React applications while leveraging automated testing to iterate quickly and accurately!

Talks & Workshops!


Here at Evaluates2 we have many employees and engineers who love speaking about software develpment, and we would be honored to speak at your local event! Please contact us for more information!

  • Let us show you how we have been building software quickly, accurately, and happily!
  • These talks are for you! We'll tailor our talks to your specific audience's interests!
  • We love giving back and helping out those who are disadvantaged with FREE workshops and consulting advice. Reach out to learn more!

E2 Public Repositories


Check out some of our public repositories! We have all kinds of cool examples projects and guidelines displaying how we like to build clean, working software.

  • Many example projects and small isolated demos illustrating key concepts, useful development tools, and interviewing materials across various languages.
  • Examples of automated testing across all the languages we use.
  • Anyone can get involved! Feel free to open issues and pull requests and find us on Twitter if you'd like to join the e2 movement!

Everybody Codes!


Awesome people helping EVERYBODY learn to code!

  • Troubled by the disproportionately low number of black, brown, and female coders, Everybody Codes aims to help everyone realize he or she can become a successful software engineer.
  • Helping seniors and "non software developer" adults dabble with coding because, as Steve Jobs once said, "Everybody should learn to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think".
  • Runs the "30-minute-mentor program" that matches up a disadvantaged child with a successful creative professional for a 30-minute 1-on-1 video call, giving the child a personal connection with a positive role model, allowing them to ask questions / discover key insights, and learn more about his or her specific interests and their respective industies.

"Although we've already accomplished so much, I still wake up every day hungry for new exciting software development challenges."

- Cofounder & Principal Engineer Jim Lynch

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