About Us

When it comes to software, we're full of solutions.

Evaluates2 is SO MUCH MORE than just another New York City software consulting agency.

At Evaluates2, we look at things differently.

We are architecting and building the systems of tomorrow.

We write the code that is not only ABLE to be maintained and understood by other engineers but that is actually EASY to be changed and deployed with confidence.

We approach troubleshooting the scariest of issues with reason and curiosity.

We code in pairs, lean heavily on automated testing, and quickly build stuff that works.

We have spent our lives sharpening these legendary coding skills, and despite this we try to stay humble, respectful, open-minded, and eager to show others how fun and awesome software development can be when it's well done.

At Evaluates2 we are not just engineers, product managers, and data scientists… we are the agents of change that can transform and enlighten ANY company's tech department.

So let us help you, and together… we will build great things.

A Few of Our Partners:

Evaluates2 engineers are not only razor sharp developers...
they are compassionate and honest people as well.

What We've Built

You don't have to take our word for it that we can build great software- just take a look at some the awesome project we've made!

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